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With over 20 different varieties, we have apples from late Summer through to Spring. Summer varieties come and go quickly! Fall varieties differ in the length of their season. Check out our list of varieties below sorted by beginning dates of availability.


Summer Varieties

Lodi July
Pristine late July
Jersey Mac early August
Paulared August
Ginger Gold mid August
Summer Rambo August
Zestar August

Fall Varieties

Gala early September
*Honey Crisp early September
McIntosh early September
*Fuji late September
Cortland late September
Crimson Crisp late September
Ozark Gold late September
Cameo late September
Red Delicious early October
Jonagold mid October
Macoun mid October
*Golden Delicious mid October
*Mutsu mid October
*Idared late October
Stayman Winesap late October
Northern Spy late October
*Granny Smith early November

New varieties Coming soon! 

We’re just waiting for our baby trees to grow and reach full production!

Ambrosia late September
Ever Crisp late October
Pink Lady early November

* this variety has a longer lasting supply available through Winter/Spring





Come on out to our fields for pick-your-own strawberries!
Ripe in June.
Also available already picked in our store.





 Sweet Cherries

By order/already picked.
Ripe in early July.


By order/already picked.
U-Pick Available based on weather.
Ripe in early July.


Peaches, Plums & Pears




Fresh eating & canning.
Ripe from July – early September.


Fresh-eating & baking varieties available.
Sweet Plums mid July through early August
Freestone, Stanley Prune Plums late August

Bartlett Pears

Late August


Other Seasonal Harvests 



Sweet corn

Picked fresh daily!
Available mid July through early September.

Sweet apple cider

100% Natural
No Additives, Unpasteurized
September - July





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