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Our Store

We have always strived to provide you with high quality, local options at our market such as local honey and maple syrup.  To enhance the local options, we expanded our facility in 2009-2010 to offer you more than ever before.  Read on to learn specifics about what you can now find in our store.  Keep in mind that all available items are not listed, so please call or stop in to speak to a store specialist about what you're interested in today.

Our Seasonal Fruit

Looking for fresh, local produce that has true flavor and ripeness?  Look no further than Way Fruit Farm.  Known for over 150 years for our superb Pennsylvania produce, we've had lots of time to get it right!  We know you'll truly enjoy the seasonal produce we have to offer from strawberries in the spring to apples in the fall.  Also, check out the "What We Grow" tab for more specifics on crops we produce and information on their estimated seasons.



We like to call this our "almost famous" apple cider!  It's pressed fresh weekly throughout the fall and spring and has a sweet, smooth texture you can't get anywhere else.  We hope you'll enjoy some chilled or hot mulled at home or in our cafe!


Apple Butter

This old-fashioned favorite lives on strong at our farm store.  It is made from a blend of our own apples and cider and is cooked down to smooth perfection.  We offer this sweet spread in pint and quart jars and with or without sugar added (No artificial sweeteners are used).  Apple butter is great anywhere you use jelly and is also yummy spooned on top of cottage cheese. 

Apple Butter


We carry the McCutcheon's brand of preserves at our farm store.  They are a tried and true company out of Maryland that has never let us down in quality or deliciousness!  Try traditional favorites such as strawberry & black raspberry preserves or apple & grape jelly, or switch it up with some hot pepper jelly, strawberry/raspberry preserves or pumpkin, blueberry or strawberry-rhubarb butter.  They also offer a wide selection of fruit juice sweetened preserves for those monitoring their sugar intake.  Sweet and delectable!


Fruit Butter

Baking Items

Do you do a lot of baking or are you looking for a more economical way to do some grocery shopping?  Stop in and check out our bulk foods sections.  We buy the dry goods in extra large quantities, repackage them and pass the savings onto you!  Choose from a wide selection including:  all-purpose flour, whole wheat flour, granulated & brown sugars, flax seed, cornmeal, oats(steel cut, quick cooking and old-fashioned), shortcake, cobbler and other dry baking mixes, baking powder & soda, salt, melting chocolates, and so much more!  We also offer a lot of these items in our Organic and Gluten-free sections..

Baking Items

Snacks/Mixes and More!

Need a salty snack or something to curb your sweet tooth?  Check out various areas around the store where you can chose from and enjoy lots of snacks and dessert ideas.  Enjoy the following: soup mixes, rices, couscous, gravy mixes, pudding, gelatin, assorted roasted nuts and seeds, dried fruits, pancake mixes,  hot chocolate & cappuccino mixes, tea, fresh-roasted coffee beans, and more!



We are happy to offer a wide selection of local honey.  Try the mild clover or the more intensely flavored wildflower varieties in various size jars or try it raw or in the comb.  Local honey is a great deterrent for seasonal allergies, so we hope you enjoy some sweetness and good health at the same time.

Lost Hollow Honey

Maple Syrup

PA local maple syrup is definitely a favorite of our customers.  It is perfect for those Sunday morning pancakes (we'll make them for you and serve them with local maple syrup every Saturday in our cafe too!) or can be used for various baking recipes or as a natural sweetener for plain yogurt. Thanks for supporting your local farmers!

Maple Syrup


We found a little company in Zelienople,PA and brought a taste of them back to Central, PA for you all to enjoy!  Con Yeager Spice Co. bottles their own spices and ships them out to us for your cooking pleasure.  We stock them in alphabetical order on our shelves and you can choose anything from Allspice to Montreal Burger & Steak Seasoning to Saffron to Wing seasonings.  This company also has great jerky and bologna kits for the hunters out there.  Check them out on display in our store seasonally!



What could be better in the summer then steaks or kielbasa on the grill or in the winter a savory pork roast or meatloaf?  We love those tastes and smells and you can too if you pick up some of our local meats in the cooler and freezer cases in our farm store.  We work with Hogs Galore of Julian for local pork products that are delivered fresh weekly and buy beef cows from local farmers to fill up the freezer with great cuts of beef to enjoy year round.  Try some today and you'll taste the difference!


Whether you're looking for mild or strong, smooth or spicy, we've got the cheese you're looking for!  We offer you local, family-made cheese from two local dairy farmers & cheese-makers in addition to goat curd cheese.  We hope you'll enjoy some pepper jack, cheddar, dill or your favorite flavor soon!