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2355 Halfmoon Valley Rd.
Port Matilda, PA 16870
(814) 692-5211

Hours: 8am-6:30pm Mon-Fri
8am-5pm Sat

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Other Fruits

We have a variety of fruits that we grow in small amounts as well as Sweet Corn and Pumpkins.


We have a small patch of Blueberries that produce berries between late July and Late August. We keep our store stocked as well as the farmer's market's we attend. Blueberries are sold by the pint.

Sweet Plums

We have a couple different varieties of sweet plums that span from mid July to early September.


A fairly new addition to the farm, Apricots ripen between late July and early August.

Sweet Corn

We grow different variety's of sweet corn including yellow, bi-color corn. Sweet corn harvest lasts between mid July and early September.


We sell pumpkins from September to October. We also have a fall festival in October that you can get a wagon ride out to our patch and pick a pumpkin from the field yourself. See the Fall Festival page for more information.