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2355 Halfmoon Valley Rd.
Port Matilda, PA 16870
(814) 692-5211

Hours: 8am-6:30pm Mon-Fri
8am-5pm Sat

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Country Crafts

When you come to our farm store, you can get more than just the best PA-local produce around, you can also support some local artisans. Throughout our store you’ll find neat, handmade items that make great gifts for your family, friends or yourself! Come on out and browse the following:

  • Books - Poetry, Short stories, Local restaurant guide (by Ken Hull), Family fun guide, Various Ficton Titles and more!
  • Handmade soap and lotion (from Peaceful Pleasure Soap by Donna)
  • Soy candles (from Soy Candles by Mary)
  • Photography (by Robert Baumbach)
  • Handspun pottery (by CS Stangel Pottery)
  • Hand-woven and decorated wreaths (by Ann)
  • Handmade Cutting Boards and Cheese Boards (by Shelley)
  • Crafts and home décor (by local vendors including Little's Country Crafts)
  • Rag Dolls (Locally handsewn with love)
  • Polish pottery(displayed by a local vendor)
  • Loom-woven rag rugs (by Shuey’s farm)
  • And More - New goods await you everyday as we continue to change and expand our inventory to bring you the best of everything local!